The New Year’s Eve party essential


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Hello guys!

Another year has almost ended…. another reason to party, look and feel   fabulous! Yew!

This year, I don’t only have to deal with finding the right dress, accessories and makeup but also with organizing the party because I finally have the honor to be the host for a New Year’s Eve party. I already have the perfect place but I’m kind of picky when it comes to food, so it took me some time to find the perfect  party caterers

This is so important, to find the right one, because if the food isn’t right it doesn’t matter how fabulous and fancy the location is. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to Los Angeles catering    and while browsing the internet I found a website that I really found useful. It’s   . They basically do all the work for you and save precious time and money. All I had to do was to enter the zip code and they alphabetically listed all the caterers available in my area. I find this site to be very useful because they give full description of the catering firm and you also get to see other people’s reviews of it. This way you can check out the friendliness of the staff, the taste, efficiency, food and also you can check out, from other’s experience, the balance between what you pay and what you get.

Another thing I found to be very useful is the fact that on this website, if you haven’t decided between two or more catering firms you can make a side by side comparison that will ease your choice. I’m telling you guys, this website really made my life easy and I recommend it to everyone interested into hosting a truly special event. It’s not only appropriate for New Year’s Eve parties, you can also use it if, as an example, you’re searching for  wedding catering in Los Angeles   . I find it to be so much more comfortable to find a catering firm for your event from the coziness of your own house than to go the classic way, from door to door. I really like time-friendly alternatives because I have such a busy life like I am sure most of you do.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately! Hope this info was useful to you guys and I’m looking forward to hearing on what you have planned for New Year’s Eve.



Getting ready for New Year’s Eve


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 -a search for the perfect dress-


Hello ladies!

Another year has almost ended…. another reason to party and look fabulous! Yey!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dress and perfect accessories for the past few weeks and I must say it’s not as easy as it may seem. I guess with age I’ve become kind of picky because I want to look head-to-toe great, as I am sure you also do. I mean, all of us ladies deserve to feel like princesses, at least for one night!

My main focus was to find something that looks great and is still affordable because I’m not as rich as I would want to and unfortunately I have tons of bills to pay.

I am blonde with blue eyes and fair skin so my plan was to find a red dress because I feel that intense colors suit me (sadly everything pale just washes me off completely). I will pair it with some nude pumps, a gold/ nude clutch and some statement jewelry. I’m sure it sounds a bit over the top, but I like it that way!

First of all I have to find the perfect dress and I’m not going to casual party so I want something with rhinestones or precious fabrics. Browsing for online offers I came across a great variety of Red Prom Dresses on

I really like the maxi ones because they look like they are for the red carpet and I’m sure I would feel like a celebrity wearing one but I have to go for a shorter dress because I’m kind of short myself and unfortunately it wouldn’t look good on me no matter what monster heels I would wear.

Here are my top choices:


I’ve always wanted a bandage dress and I feel like I finally found the perfect one. It’s the  Spaghetti Straps Sheath/Column Sleeveless Short/Mini Chiffon Homecoming Dress

I like that the element of surprise is the back and it’s great that it is bodycon because that elongates my body. It’s also on discount. The regular price used to be £160 and now it’s on discount for £79.53. It’s really affordable, if you ask me.

I would pair this dress with the nude pumps, a metal clutch and I would keep my hair and makeup simple because less is more, right? I would probably go with a classical look like a cat eye, nude lips, nude nails, and an up-do for the hair. I wouldn’t want for the makeup or the accessories to take the spotlight from the dress, wouldn’t I?


My other favorite is the One Shoulder Sheath/Column Short Short/Mini Chiffon Cocktail Dresses

For this one I would go with some small earrings and an oversized zirconium bracelet. As far as the makeup goes I would also keep it simple (cat eye, nude lip) and I would style my hair to look naturaly wavy.

I think one shoulder dresses are so elegant and classy. They are really hot without revealing anything and I think that’s perfect for the occasion. I also am absolutely in love with the way those rhinestones look…. so artistic! This one is also discounted from £180 to about £89!

Beside the discounts I have also found a coupon code that will save me an extra $10: xq10usdoff . Now, I don’t know about you but I’m actually getting a feeling of sublime happiness when I get extra discounts on stuff that is already discounted…. Hehe I guess I am weird that way!

Moreover, I like about their website that they have a great customer service, they were prompt with answering all of my questions and they are also very nice.

Another thing I enjoy is the fact that they make the dresses so they would fit you like a glove because every dress is custom made for your body. I hate it when I buy stuff from stores because they never fit my body right and I always have to take it to the tailor and modify it… which is time and money consuming and kind of frustrating too (makes me feel like my body isn’t normal….which I know it’s not the case… hopefully)

So, I hope you liked my recent store find and I hope it’s helpful to you in some way. I am really undecided on which dress I should order so if you ladies have some spare time please let me know which one you would chose.

Love ya!



Cute pieces to brighten your day


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Hey sweeties
Spring is finally here! Yeey! So, I am sure most of you feel more joyful and vivid and your accessories should definitely be in tone with your mood so, for this spring I recommend going for cute and dainty pieces that would bring out your feminine and playful side.
I recently received some cute accessories that are just perfect for spring. Chen (AmaBelle) sent them to me or review purposes….lucky me ^^
Here you can check out her web stores:
Alma Belle – Gold Silver and Polymer clay Jewelry

La Petite Alma Belle- Hair accessories and tiny jewelry for girls



She sent me a pair of earrings and two hair clips. I’m crazy for the earrings. Although, they are shaped as a cloud with a lil aquamarine raindrop hanging there is nothing sad or gloomy about them. They make me feel bright and happy and I love it how they make the color of my eyes pop. They are really nicely done with lots of details and I can see she put a lot of effort into designing them.


The hairclips make me feel like a child. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted a hairpiece with cherries. It feels perfect for spring and reminds me of my childhood. I even wear these to work and I got tons of compliments on it. The quality is also nice.
To conclude I really like everything she sent and she was really nice and quick. I also have to apologize for being so late with the review 
Hope you guys like her stuff and thank you so much for reading

PS The pictures were taken by me and my friend. Please check out her blog she is super talented www.