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Cat Eyes Red Lips


The Moisture Renew in 700 Nude Delight was my first nude colour lipstick purchase, as I am more into reds and berry colours, but I was going blonde at the time so I taught this mustt be a good thing to try.

The colour provides medium coverage, matched my expectations, and it lasts about 4 to 5 hours, no eating or drinking involved. The texture is soft, it’s easy to apply, but one thing I did not enjoy: the smell. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that it resembles to hand creme or lotion smell, like the Nivea ones or most of hand cremes in general. It’s not a bad thing, just not for me, as I have the bad habit of tasting my lips. Not pleasant.




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Seriously funky jewelry


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Hello lil jewelry freaks!

I hope you’re sitting comfortably because I’m about to show you some stuff that it’s going to sweep you off your feet ^^

I got this jewelry a while ago from a website called A fashion story (link: ) and I’ve been seriously addicted to it because this jewelry is sooooo cute and makes me feel young…and all the old ppl around here know how nice it is to have something to take 5 years of their real age.

Soo…here is what I got:


My most favorite piece is this vintage looking collar necklace. I love it because it goes with anything and everything and it can glam up any boring outfit (and I am the master of boring outfits, sadly). But, yeah, I can put this on with a plain T-shirt and jeans and I am ready to go: D So if you are lazy like me you would probably want to get something like this because it makes things much easier, I promiss


My second favorite is the shiny kungfu panda short necklace. I love pandas!!! Don’t you? They’re so adorable. So, I decided, hey why not wear a shiny one around my neck? This necklace works perfectly for day time and night time and the details make it look very expensive although it’s really not. It has a big panda upfront and a small one at the closure. So, it’s pretty cool. Being black and white makes it really versatile because you can pair it up with black, white (obviously) but also with strong colors. I even wore this to work one day….and I work in a hospital. So, this is a nice piece to add up to your collection


The colorful skull charm is also kind of cute and edgy at the same time. I like to wear it together with other bracelets when I go out and it actually stands out

I also got two pairs of earrings…..actually they are not pairs as there are 3 of them in every pack. Isn’t that cuteee? I think it is. Also they are not matching. My fav out of them is one that has a moustache a hat and a red stud. The other one has two bows and a ring. They look really nice but I am not crazy about the quality and the material is plastic, so I don’t like that very much either. But, for the price, they’re worth it ^^

Everything was RM 92 which is like USD 25. Soo affordable, right? And I am telling you, the necklaces look really expensive. I mean if I didn’t know I would say the panda necklace alone could be worth that amount of money if not more.

So, dearies, I hope I made you curious enough to take a look at this shop and promise you won’t be disappointed

Have a great day and thank you for reading!


Epicuren Hydro Plus Moisturiser


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Hello girls
I am not sure if you’re familiar with the Epicuren brand. Basically they pride themselves that they have created a skincare line containing some sort of Protein and B Vitamins thus helping the skin rejuvenation. You can find more info about them here:
I’ve been trying their Hydro Plus Moisturizer for one week and just used it by itself (no toner, serum, face masks and so on) because I’ve been having less time for my beauty regime lately. I basically applied this every night before I went to bed. I don’t know about the skin rejuvenation part because I don’t have wrinkles or age spots or stuff like this but, still I genuinely like it.
-nice consistency
-no smell
-my skin texture improved
-really hydrating
-my skin looks really healthy
-it minimized the look of the blackheads on my nose (I didn’t even expect that to happen)

-I like everything except for the packaging. I don’t like it when moisturizers come in this kind of tubes because it’s really hard to use the entire product and I hate wasting good stuff

Overall I really like it and it’s a great product for sensitive and dry skin. It doesn’t leave you with a greasy look and it’s perfect for every day wear.
Check it out and you can thank me later