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Hey sweeties
Spring is finally here! Yeey! So, I am sure most of you feel more joyful and vivid and your accessories should definitely be in tone with your mood so, for this spring I recommend going for cute and dainty pieces that would bring out your feminine and playful side.
I recently received some cute accessories that are just perfect for spring. Chen (AmaBelle) sent them to me or review purposes….lucky me ^^
Here you can check out her web stores:
Alma Belle – Gold Silver and Polymer clay Jewelry

La Petite Alma Belle- Hair accessories and tiny jewelry for girls



She sent me a pair of earrings and two hair clips. I’m crazy for the earrings. Although, they are shaped as a cloud with a lil aquamarine raindrop hanging there is nothing sad or gloomy about them. They make me feel bright and happy and I love it how they make the color of my eyes pop. They are really nicely done with lots of details and I can see she put a lot of effort into designing them.


The hairclips make me feel like a child. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted a hairpiece with cherries. It feels perfect for spring and reminds me of my childhood. I even wear these to work and I got tons of compliments on it. The quality is also nice.
To conclude I really like everything she sent and she was really nice and quick. I also have to apologize for being so late with the review 
Hope you guys like her stuff and thank you so much for reading

PS The pictures were taken by me and my friend. Please check out her blog she is super talented www.http://amriaa.wordpress.com/