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Hello my beauties!

It’s my real pleasure today to tell you about these amazing products that I’ve been using for the past two weeks. Ever since I got them I am literally addicted to every single one and they seriously made my skin so much better.  They are from a company called AHAVA : http://www.ahava.com/ They specialize on products made out of goodies from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the saltiest Sea of all and its mud, algae and minerals have well known properties for improving health and beauty. So, I must be honest, before trying these skin care products I wasn’t much of a believer in all that but now I am their biggest fan because it fixed some of the issues I’ve had with my skin for a very very long time.

But enough with the nonsense, let’s get to the review (: P)

This is what I got:

1.  Refreshing cleansing gel

I’ve needed something to wash my face after using makeup remover towels. I’ve noticed that after using towels/ oil based makeup remover my face felt uncomfortable, itchy and just not clean but at the same time I have really dry skin so most gel makeup removers dried it even more. So I thought…why not try this one. Guys…it did wonders for me. Besides the fact that it smells delicious and clean and sea like, it left my skin clean, moisturized and not itchy at all. I’m really obsessed with it and I think it’s perfect for people with dry skin that don’t feel clean enough after wipes. The only bad thing is that if it gets into your eye it will hurt like crazy….so don’t keep your eyes open…lol

2. Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

Another product that smells great. I found that for the daytime I don’t even need to wear perfume if I apply this.

So, what do I like about it?

I love love love the fact that it absorbs into my skin instantly leaving my body silky smooth. The texture of my skin feels amazing after I apply this and it’s not greasy at all. I’ve noticed that most body creams that pretend to be moisturizing are just way to oily…this is not the case at all. It’s a great moisturizing product while not being oily at all if that makes sense.

What I don’t like about it?

It is one thing actually. I am not crazy about the texture. It’s thicker than other body creams I used, hence harder to take out from the tube and when applied on the skin it absorbs so quickly that you have to use a whole lot of it. But it’s so good that I don’t mind working an extra bit to take it out nor do I mind using a lot of it. The result is what matters right?

3. Essential day moisturizer for very dry skin

Last but not the least is the face cream. Yeey! Exactly what I needed! The most wonderful day/night cream ever! It’s deeply moisturizing and just perfect for the winter time. Again, not greasy at all. I’ve noticed that if I apply it before foundation my skin looks so much better, more natural, the foundation just looks so much better. I also like to moisturize my skin with it before I go to bed. I just apply it whenever I have the chance really…haha

I have no complaint about this product, it’s simply a good cream for the winter time and I am grateful that it’s out there


That’s all guys. Hope you find my review useful and let me know what you think about this brand.

Love ya ❤