Hello Guys
I am sure many of you herd of this brand as it is very popular in Korea when it comes to sheet masks. I was amazed when I saw how cheap they were on trendkorean:http://www.trendkorean.com . On some European sites I saw they were retailing for up to USD2 for one piece and here you can find them for USD 0,4 and if you bulk order even for less than that….I’m all in for bulk ordering sheet mask just because they’re so easy to use and I love the results.

So, let’s get into the review. Beauty friends masks are really great. I mean for me they are. They are very moisturizing, they stick well on the skin and they don’t fall for 30 minutes…..unless you’re active (like jumping up and down would make them fall…lol).

There are two ways to use them: cold or hot and I tried both. I must I liked it hot more than cold. I guess cold is better for the summer. To heat it you need to insert it into heated water and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

I feel like when it’s heated it gets into the skin better. There’s actually a scientifically proof for that as heat makes vasodilatation and it eases the product way into the skin. I heated my first mask on a cold evening after I got home from a walk and I must say it felt like heaven.

After you remove the mask make sure to massage the skin so that the entire product gets in.
I really have nothing bad to say about it because I really like it and I feel like it’s a great product for this price. Oh and I tried a bunch of them and my fav is the Ginseng one….smells amazing and when I tried it I had very bad scars on my nose (I like to pick on my black spots…I know it’s a bad thing but I can’t help it when I’m under a lot of stress). What it did is that it faded the redness and the scars weren’t that visible anymore. I was really impressed
Please let me know what your thoughts on this brand are. Did you try it? What is your fav?
Thank you for reading!
Laterz ❤