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Hello my dear beauty addicts!
I’m sure many of you already heard about this great Korean beauty company that produces high end skin care and makeup. If you haven’t then maybe you’ll find this review useful ^^
Sulwhasoo was kind enough to send me some samples to try. They sent me some items from their Basic, Hydro aid, and Snowise lines along with a catalog. I used the Basic and the Snowise BB cream that they sent and I gave the Hydro aid to my mom to try and tell me what she thinks because it was more age appropriate for her.
So here are my *our* thoughts on it:
1) Basic skin care kit IV

It contains:
-First Care Serum
-Balancing Water
-Balancing Emulsion
-Concentrated Ginseng Cream

Ever since I got it, (one week or so) I’ve been using this daily and I must say I am really impressed with it. I don’t usually buy high end skin care because I don’t like spending that much on beauty items and because I didn’t think I needed it. But this proved me wrong. It impressed me from the first touch because the texture is really great and the scent is also nice, and I don’t say this about many products. I have asthma and I am not crazy about scented skincare. But these have a nice Ginseng scent and it doesn’t bother me at all. Another thing I also love is that none of the products that I’ve tried left my skin oily or shiny at all. My skin absorbs them so fast it’s really amazing and I love the nice healthy glow that I have afterwards. These products are really hydrating and perfect for the cold weather. I’ve tried using the cream as a lip balm because I have extra cracked lips and I felt it made my lips softer.
So I’m really happy with them The only thing I don’t like is that I almost finished everything….but…oh well…they were just samples 😦

2) Snowise BB cream

I only tried this BB cream once because the scent is very strong and I was afraid to use it on my face. But 2 days ago I tried it and although the smell was strong, once I put it on my face I didn’t feel it as much. The coverage is not the best but it is really moisturizing and my skin looked nice and natural. I used a lil bit of concealer over it and it was ok. I think it will last me for 2 more uses…’all good things come to an end’, what can I say.
3) Hydro Aid Kit

These are lifting products and that’s why I gave them to my mom. The main ingredient in these is seaweed and hyaluronic acid so it gets to the deepest layers. My mom loves these products. She said that they were really moisturizing and she wants the full ones…hehe

All in all these are great skin care and makeup products, too bad that they are so expensive, but if you can afford it then I definitely recommend them. You can find them online a thttp://us.sulwhasoo.com/ and they also sell at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.
You can thank me later ^^
All the best!