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Hello my dear beauty addicts!

I’m still new when it comes to BB creams and Asian cosmetics in general but in such a short time I began to love every single thing about them. I’m  mostly crazy about the BB cream concept, about how it is  whitening, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing and it also offers coverage….I mean tell me just one more makeup product that can do so many things and I will worship you.

The BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream is my second BB cream to try after Lioele triple the solution so I will only base my review on my experience with these two products




1. The BRTC BB cream offers less coverage than Lioele but I actually like that because it looks more natural and that’s the whole point of BB creams, right? I was kind of disappointed with my Lioele after using it for a while to be honest.  It looked even more noticeable than foundation and that defeats the whole purpose in my opinion. But now I’m happy cuz I found my match

2. It gives me a nice glow ❤

3. It really does whiten my complexion and evens out the lil dark spots that I have on my face because of the sun.

4. It has SPF50!! ^^ Yeey, one less problem to worry about. I love products that make my life easier

5. One of the few BB creams that works for medium skin tones


1. it does have a bit of grey undertone to it but it’s not very noticeable

2. I do have to set it up with powder, especially on the areas where my skin tends to get oily (that bloody forehead!)

Thank you BRTC   for this great product and thank you guys for taking your time to read my posts

Love ya