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Hello guys
Warm weather is long gone now… 😦 but it’s not all bad, at least not for me:P In my opinion fall fashion is always much more interesting. I love to layer and I think fall clothing give more options to look chic and different.
When I first saw this circle scarf I LOVED it because it looked like the perfect fall accessory. It’s easy to match with almost anything because of the neutral colors and, at the meantime; it’s far from being boring. So, I had very high expectations ^^

When I had it in front of my eyes it actually exceeded my expectations. First of all, the packaging looks crazy luxurious. It comes in its own black bag with the name of the brand on it BLACK.CO.UK


That packaging gives that neat aspect that I really love. When I opened it I found the softest thing ever! It’s so funny but every time I wear it I feel like petting it…haha…I’m weird I know.

Like I said before it’s really easy to pair it with anything. I just used it with trainers, a pair of sport pants and a T-shirt and I really liked the look. I also wore it on a night out paired with a LBD, metallic tights and booties. It really complements anything and I’m in love with it because of that.

The only downer to this is that it’s a bit tight and you have to put it on before you do your hair otherwise it will ruin it. But that’s ok for me because I don’t usually do much to my hair anyways.
If you feel like checking it you can click here
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