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Hello fashionistas!
I’m really excited to write this post because the dress I want to tell you about is the most exquisite thing I own.
Besides the fact that florals are always on trend for the fall (yey….I don’t have to toss them until next summer ^^) this particular dress feels and looks very luxurious and well made. It’s 100% silk and the amount of details it has is amazing. I’m actually sad that I don’t have a camera good enough to capture the beauty of this piece.

I really like the fact that it has a loud floral print and on top it has a black sheer material that I can adjust. I can make the black part as short or as long as I want. I like to make it shorter because the floral print is so cute and exotic.

I have this dress from Aviatrix spring-summer 2011 collection. Aviatrix (http://www.aviatrix.de) is a brand based in Germany that specializes into making fashionable clothes using luxurious materials suck as silk, wool and leather. Sabine Heisig, the designer has a certain way to introduce elements from the past into modern design and I really like the way she combines materials because she brings a certain feminine edge to her designs. She has a very playful yet elegant style which makes her clothes easy to wear by a teenager or by a grown woman.

I think I can wear this dress to a wedding, on a night out or at a dinner date and it would look fabulous on each of these occasions. It’s so pretty on its own that I didn’t even feel the need to add many accessories…thing that I rarely do lately. I just put on a Plumeria flower in my hair and a simple dainty necklace and I was ready to go.
I hope you guys like this dress because I’m really so crazy about it.
Thank you for your time and have a great day!