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Hello guys!
I’ve always loved how a simple accessory can make an outfit look so much cuter. Being a big Hello Kitty fan I’m crazy for bows and where better to wear them than in my hair… This is why, I’m so pleased with my latest finds: a wire head band and a wire bow clip.
To start with, I think they’re so versatile and they do make any casual outfit look cute. I can use them in many ways. The bow for instance: I can live it in the shape that it is (which looks really cute) or if I want a different look I can fold it and make it smaller. I like to fold it when I’m wearing my hair in a side braided ponytail. When it’s folded it looks like a totally different bow so I think this piece is really worth the £6.00.


The second item I want to talk about is this flower print wire hair band. This costs only £5.00 and can be worn with the bow in the back or in the front. You can basically twist it in many ways to give it the shape that you want.
I got these two beauties from a store called CrossWood and you can find it online at:http://crosswoodstore.com/ or on Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrossWoodStore.
They also sell some amazing scarves that have the most beautiful prints I’ve ever seen and some really cute Peter Pan necklaces that are very in right now.
I hope you guys like this store and thanks a lot for reading!

The pictures are mine, please don’t use them