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Hello guys!
This blog post is for all the bag addicts out there who know they have a problem and live happily with it. ^^
I just found the cutest lil clutch/ wallet! Yey for me! It came in the mail 2 days ago and I literally couldn’t stop looking at it or hold it . Haha…I know I’m such a weirdo.

I just feel like this lil treasure is so fashionable and high quality. It is made out of leather and lined with pure silk. The inside is so so luxurious. I love the blue silk with metallic reflexes.


This can be used as a clutch on a night out or as a wallet…it works both ways.
The designer is Patricia Vincent. She does handbags and clothing and I truly love her style. She is a Romanian designer based in Vienna, Austria. If you want to check her out here you have her website: http://patriciavincent.com/ and her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patricia-Vincent/158718609276?fref=ts

She is gorgeous and has an amazing fashion sense.
* The pictures are mine please don’t use them