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I’m so excited because I finally managed to gather 500 points at Sephora and with them I got this great Too Faced mini pallet. I have to say that I’m extreamly pleased with the quality of this product.
So first of all the packaging is very nice and you even get a small card that shows you how to apply the makeup in order to achieve the perfect ‘naked’ face. The eyshaddows feel verry smooth and silky and the two lipglosses are creamy and they also have a nice scent to them.
This is what the pallet contain (in the order of my swatch):


1 Pink Cheeks : it’s a beautiful nude base eyeshaddow that has a nice skimmer to it

2. Lap dance: a brown shimmery eyeshaddow that you can apply on the crease. In my oppinion this is a perfect crease color for daytime

3. Shimmer veil:a very soft pinkish toned highlighter

4. Pink Swan an iridecent lipgloss

5. Air Kiss a nude-pink lipgloss (a very creamy one)

I really love the quality of this pallet and I’m so happy that I got it. This product is great for everyday wear and the fact that it’s so small (smaller than my hand!) makes it easy to carry in your purse.
Hope you guys liked my review and thank you for reading<3

*The pictures are mine, please don’t use them