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Hello everyone!
I don’t know if you ever felt like your outfit needs a pop of colour but I often find myself facing this problem because on day to day basis I tend to go for neutral coloured clothes. I know that means I’m playing it safe but there are lazy mornings when I just throw on a white tee and a pair of jeans. Of course later in the day I regret it because that kind of outfits makes me feel invisible.
This is exactly why it’s good to have a statement piece like this one. To add some umf to your lazy outfits and give you confidence. I love it for its intense purple colour and for how edgy it looks. It has a bit of rock chicness to it that I’m crazy about. Also it’s pretty well done and looks very expensive as the spikes are not plastic they are actual purple crystals. This is also a good piece to transition from summer to fall as it will spice any neutral jumper and leggings kind of look.

I got it from Juli Lescano’s shop on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/JuliLescano) and I’m telling you guys it was such a hard choice because when I saw what treasures she had there I felt like getting the whole shop. She has tons of statement jewellery made out of coloured gems. You can actually find something in every colour. So if you’re in the search for something like this you might want to check her out.
Hope you guys like her shop and thank you so much for reading!