Hello Beautiful Ladies!

We all know beauty supplies are a must and finding the right ones can sometimes be time and money consuming. That is why I tend to go for products that look cute and are affordable.

What attracted me to UBU was the fresh colorful look and when I got the products I really fell in love with them.

So this is what I got:


The famous 5 brush set that contains: powder brush,  foundation brush, concelear brush, eye definer brush and tampered blending brush. Besides their funky look they feel really soft on my skin. My most favorite is the powder brush that I used to apply my blush yesterday and it did a great job.


Doll-Face-Dozen foundation sponges. These are twelve joyful colored sponges that are latex free (so you won’t get an alergy). I really love their intense colors …who said foundation sponges should be boring, right?Image

Wicked Winks eyelash curler with 2 extra (hot pink) silicone pads. I LOVE this! My eylashes are usually unnoticeble even with mascara but with this tool I can actually see them….well, they still don’t look huge, but it’s a start.                                                                                                                                                                               Image

Minnie Me’s –mini tweezer set: 4 cute mini tweezers, perfect for traveling! Each tweezer has a different tip and I’m not really sure how to use them. I mean I know I have to pluck with them (lol) but I don’t know what the different tip is for. But I’m going to research this and hopefully I’ll get perfect eyebrows in no time…hehe But seriously now,these look so so cute and please if you have any tips on how to use them, let me know.

To conclude, I’m really excited with these products and I’m happy with them and if you want to check UBU out click

They have lots and lots of beauty accessories and I noticed many tweezers and brushes in bright colors!

The pictures are mine, please don’t use them.