Hello guys!

Stackable has been a big trend starting this summer and it’s probably going to hold on for the fall too. The best way to follow this trend is to stack dainty pieces. That way it won’t look like too much or like random pieces thrown together. Most of all, I like stacking necklaces and rings. These 3 rings are perfect for this because they’re the dainty and they look the same. They are very versatile because if you want to go for a simpler look you can just wear one or two, but I personally like them all together.



Also, they can be crafted with sterling silver or 14k gold-filled wire, depending on your preferences. If you want to buy just one it’s only 16.00 USD and for 3 you’ll pay 45.00 USD. I think it’s a good price because neither silver nor gold filled wire will tarnish so they are going to last a long time. Also, they look timeless so I don’t see how they could go out of style. Moreover, a very nice touch is that Irina, the shop owner, custom made them for me and the fit is perfect!
The Etsy shop I got the from is called IVjewelry http://www.etsy.com/shop/IVjewelry . Here you can find a bunch of pieces that are trendy and good for every day, casual wear. I think it has really chic timeless pieces and I hope you like this store too
Thank you a lot for reading!

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